Is There any Link Between Physical activity Level and Mortality Risks? – Study Revealed

New study finds that exercise can increase your lifespan despite past activity levels. This study found a link between physical activity level and mortality risks among middle and old age people.

There is no need of any evidence to prove exercise is good for health and can reduce the risks of many diseases such as cancer, heart, diabetes. That’s why exercise has been proven important to increase the life span.

There are many research going on exercises but most important is when to start to grasp more benefits?

New research focuses on what are effects of exercises on young or older age people to lower the risks of premature deaths.

Alexender Mok, doctoral research at the university of Cambridge led the new research and found the relationship between physical activity and mortality risks.

Study addressed the various factors such as the link between exercises and mortality risks, how physical activity level fluctuate and how these levels affect longevity, according to Mok.

Relationship Between Activity Levels

Mok and other researchers analyze the health data of 14,599 men and women who participated in European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Norfolk study between 1993 and 1997. The participants were of age between 40-79 years.

The researchers examines their health data once at the beginning of study and three more times until 2004.

Researchers analyze their lifestyle, diet, consumption of alcohol, smoking behavior and measure their height, weight, and blood pressure.

The team also consider their education level, either they are unemployed, non skilled or skilled worker etc.

Researchers also evaluate their medical history of heart disease, cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, asthma, and other chronic diseases, according to Mok.

To assess the mortality in group of people, Mok and the team follow the participants for 12.5 years until the year 2016.

Through out the follow-up period 3148 people died. Out of which 950 died from cardiovascular disease, and 1091 from cancer.

The researchers highlighted the factors such as physical activity level, and other health risks factors to emphasize the results.

After accounting for these results, there was a relation between high level of exercise, increase level of physical activity over time and mortality risks.

The greatest longevity benefited to those people who did physical activity from the start of study and increase their level with the time. These people are 42% less likely to die prematurely- Mok and colleagues concluded.

The analysis also revealed that people who increase their activity levels over time are less likely to die from any causes than who were physically inactive “regardless of past activity level”.

In the conclusion, research emphasizes that if someone decides to exercise after long physical inactivity, still the chances of longevity will be higher.