When Will be My Periods Normal After Abortion?

It takes time to get periods back to normal. Women generally starts bleeding right after having the abortion. But first periods after abortion will usually occur several weeks later.

What is Postabortion Bleeding

It is normal to get periods after having abortion. Doctors call it postabortion bleeding. This bleeding seems alike to menstruation. But it isn’t the same. This is due to the uterus trying to remove tissue after pregnancy.

Some women don’t bleed after an abortion. They wouldn’t start to bleed until to the next period.

Medical v/s Surgical Abortion

In medical abortion doctor gives pills to end the abortion. This generally happens in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Doctor give two pills to women in medical abortion. First pill is given to break the uterus line so that development of pregnancy will stop. Second pill is given to allow the uterus to expel the tissue.

Second pill causes the uterus to contract and force the uterus to expel the pregnancy tissue. Bleeding starts generally 4-5 hours after you take the second pill and is heavy than normal.

Some women feel heavy bleeding than others and discharge of large clots.

Bleeding after Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion usually occurs after 10 weeks of pregnancy. The bleeding will start 3-5 days after the surgical abortion. It can also cause postabortion bleeding and is similar to normal periods.

Bleeding after surgical abortion usually occurs for 1-2 weeks. Some women experience bleeding until their next period.

Bleeding after Surgical Abortion

When to expect First Period after Abortion

Periods should get back after 4-6 weeks of abortion. Pregnancy hormone should remain for some day, which causes delay in menstruation.

In medical abortion, bleeding can be heavy than usual because uterus try to remove extra tissue. Period may be longer if you have medical abortion. Because treatment impact the cycle length.

In surgical abortion, bleeding may be lighter and it can be normal within few months. Periods may be shorter than usual if you have surgical abortion.

Using pads women can monitor the amount of blood she lost after the first periods.

When to expect Second Period after Abortion

The second period after an abortion is likely to return to how an individual’s periods were before.

Once you had your first period, you should get back into semi-menstrual cycle. Some women take 2-3 months to get their periods normal after abortion. If this doesn’t happen visit to your doctor.