Is Automation the Future of the Pharmacy?

Whether we like it or not, we are seeing the world around us become more and more automated as time goes on. Computers and software are slowly making some human jobs redundant, while making so many tasks easier and simplifying the workflow of the human workers who use these digital tools every day.

If anyone knows how wild and hectic the workday can get, it has got to be pharmacists and pharmacy staff. Making sure patients have their medications right when they need them, keeping track of inventory, making calls and sending out notifications that it’s time for prescriptions to be picked up. There’s a lot to keep track of!

How Does Automation Help?

Automation is able to do, automatically and in a matter of minutes, some of the same things it would take a human worker a longer amount of time to do by hand. What can this include in terms of daily tasks around the pharmacy?

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Automation can make interacting with customers much easier. You can have an automated system that sends out text message notifications to patients letting them know it is time for their medicine to be picked up. You could also save time on answering the phone by having an interactive voice recording (also known as an IVR) to handle the calls for you.

You can also kiss counting by hand goodbye when you have automation at work in the pharmacy. With this kind of help, you will notice that inventory is counted by the software, keeping track of what is going out so it knows what needs to come in. All you will need to do is order replacements for medicines when you begin to run low.

Automation is helping so many pharmacies take their first steps into the 21st century with tools such as pharmacy pos software and other technological advancements allowing pharmacists to make their jobs easier. If you want to make things easier around your pharmacy, you might think about adopting some of these digital solutions for yourself.