6 Essential Post Workout Tips That you Should Do

After vigorous workout, cool down phase and post recovery period is much important as doing the workout. No matter if you are doing muscles improvement exercise, weight loss workout, or six pack exercise.

Usually, people are in hurry to rush towards their home, that’s why they finish their sets at last quickly, grasp their keys and water bottle, move towards the parking to catch home early. By doing this you are missing out some essential things that body needs after vigorous workout.

Study says that people who take certain measures such as cool down exercise, stretching, drink water and many more. These people never experience muscle stiffness, and are ready to do workout again in short period of time. While some people disagree this.

In this article we will discuss post workout tips that you should follow.

1. Cool Down

Make sure to perform cool down exercise for 10-15 minutes to properly bring your workout to close. This will certainly help you to bring heart rate down and will reduce stress. Perform following cool down exercise:

  • Stretching
  • Do some yoga asanas
  • Jog lightly
  • Walk
  • Do swimming to relax your mind and body both.

By giving some time to cool down exercises, changes will reflect on your workout and then see your progress.

2. Drink Water

After vigorous workout, important water fluids vanish out from body due to sweating. Re-hydration may be the most important element of any post workout regime. So make it mandatory to drink water to stay hydrated.

3. Stretching

A stretching routine is what you need actually. Stretching will help you to improve your strength, flexibility, and mobility which are important for your workout and everyday life also. Trainers suggest stretching for 30 seconds or more.

Stretching Post Workout

4. Fuel up with Proteins

As body needs rehydration, muscles call for proteins. After heavy workout drink protein shakes to rebuild the muscles as they have been fatigued.

You can also go for other products such as nuts, greek yogurt, cheese, eggs or chicken to get your protein.

5. Track your Progress

It is not very easy to track your routine workout and diet regimen. But you can use apps in your smartphones or other devices such as Apple watches, FitBit or other smart watches.

You can also use pen and paper, or Microsoft spreadsheet program. The most important is to note down which workout you are doing and to track your improvement.

6. Get Refresh

Make sure to get a shower after workout daily. It will leave you fresh and energized for the rest of the day. It is not only helpful for your health and also for those people around you.