Getting Dentures

If you have ever thought about getting dentures, then you really need to think about the entire process and if the outcome is right for you.  For many people, partial dentures in Hagerstown are an option that they can look into.  With partials you are able to fill in the gaps between your teeth and still keep your normal teeth if possible.

The exam

The first step in the process is getting an exam.  The exam is where the dentist will do an x-ray on your mouth and see what is going on inside.  Once they observe the x-rays they can then come in and do a consultation with you and discuss your options and prognosis.

The next steps

Once you have your exam you will need to decide on your next steps.  For most, it will be either getting fitted for dentures or they will need to have additional oral surgery performed.  When we do these steps we are moving forward in the reconstruction of our mouth and overall appearance.

Learn care instructions

partial dentures in Hagerstown

Before you make your final commitment, you need to be told care instructions.  If you are working with partials, then you will need to take steps in order to keep your current natural teeth healthy so that they don’t fall out.  If you have partials and teeth around them begin to decay, then you will need to have your partials adjusted which can turn into a real problem that could be very costly.

Prepare for the surgery

Surgery can be very painful and expensive.  This is why if you start to go down this road make sure that you have good dental insurance and other methods in which to pay for your surgery.  Also, prepare for the pain involved.  Since the mouth is very sensitive with nerve endings you will want to make sure that you don’t have any work or other requirements that will need to be performed while you are recovering from surgery.