How To Talk To Someone About Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a preventable condition that if caught early enough can really help people stay clean and not ruin their lives.  However, we can’t get to everyone and as a result we need professional services such as substance abuse treatment in jamaica plain, ma to be an outlet for those that need to get clean and start living a normal life again.

Don’t Judge

If you judge people, they will turn away from you.  If you act as if you had never done anything wrong in your life or if you are putting the blame on them for ruining their lives, then they will not seek out help.  If you are going to help people to get off the substances that they are on, then you have to be understanding and show them that they can be better.  Don’t try to be better than them, it won’t work.

Ask questions

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Don’t come in with a big speech.  Come in and ask questions.  In many situations you will get “I don’t know” or some type of eye roll.  This is to be expected, however, don’t let it discourage you.  Talk to them like an adult since this is an adult decision that they are making.  If you go at it judging or knowing all the answers, they will come in on themselves and you won’t get anywhere.

Let them know they have choices

When we tell them that they have choices don’t say, “You only have two choices, get clean or get out!” This is a negative way to approach things, and in most cases, they rather get out.  Tell them that they are loved and that you want to help.  You tell them that you can look at what their issues are and the reasons for taking the substances.  You form a relationship with them and then you move forward in your efforts to getting them help.

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