Prepping For A Colonoscopy

For those that are getting to be about forty and fifty years of age you will want to really consider getting setup for a colonoscopy.  When we consume food, it ends up in our colon.  After this happens, we release waste removing any remaining foodstuff from our system.  Over the years, our colon will take a lot of punishment.  Getting it checked out for any type of cancer can help ensure that it is working properly and that we don’t have serious disease.

The first step in getting a colonoscopy in mt pleasant is to talk to your general doctor.  They will give you a prescription for a colonoscopy which you then go and schedule to have.  The next step is that the doctor will prescribe you some laxatives that you will drink several hours before your surgery.  When you start taking these laxatives, don’t plan on doing anything else for the next couple of days since you will want to be by the toilet.

colonoscopy in mt pleasant

Once you start taking this laxative you will need to stop eating.  You will typically stop eating for twenty four hours before your screening.  This is done to ensure that you don’t have any particles in your colon that could lead to a negative result or other issues.

When you go for your colonoscopy you will want to arrive early.  You will typically have to fill out some paperwork as well as get your vitals taken.  Once these are done you will be taken back to a prep room where you will put on a robe and take any medications needed for the procedure.  

When the procedure begins you will want to remain calm.  If you tense up you could make it more difficult or painful for the procedure.  If at the end of the exam you are found to be clean of any issues, you will typically be good for ten years.  If not, then you will discuss the next steps with your doctor.

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